Machinery Effects


Manual based on version 2.6

  • Color Gradient.
  • Colors.
  • Sharpness.

  • Advanced HDR effects!

    Machinery HDR Effects has a number of tools for an advanced edition of the photo as well as for an end "polishing" effect.
    Use the prepared settings to get the effect with a single mouse click!
    To obtain this you do not need several photos, great effects may be also obtained from a single photo!

    After you install the program, load sample projects from the "Samples" folder, to see that they were really created with Machinery Effects!

    Test the samples to see how changing parameters effects image processing.

    Quick start

    Drag series of exposed images (various exposures) from Windows files. Wait until the program processes the image and save it.

    There is really nothing more you need to do in order to obtain a naturally looking HDR image!

    MACHINERY recognizes all of most common formats of 8- and 16-bit files (JPG, TIFF, BMP, PNG), as well as RAW formats: (DNG, CR2, CRW, ARW, NEF, RAW, DCR and other…)

    Enhancing details in images

    Move the "Contrast" and "Microcontrast" track bar to draw out more details and accentuate the texture of objects.

    You do not need multiple images – the function also works with only one photograph!

    Get great effects with just one click of your mouse!

    Load images and go to the "Presets" tab to use a ready setting.
    Great effects on-the-spot – it could not be any simpler!

    Automatic alignment for a series of images and de-ghosting.

    Sharp images composed of a series of frames, even if the series was done "by hand".

    Use the "Image -> Align images" option to turn on automatic alignment.

    Bracketing and exposure correction in single files

    Machinery will help enhance your underexposed images even if you do not have the RAW format original.
    Thanks to the exposure correction function single images, even those in JPG format, can be used to create HDR images – also if you only have one image!

    Batch processing

    You can easily process a series of images using the same settings with the help of the batch processing option.

    Use the Machinery Explorer app to create a list of images that you want processed. Select the "Batch Processing" option to transfer files to the main program.

    The program includes an additional app – Machinery Explorer – which makes finding and viewing images much easier. It also makes it possible to create a list of images for batch processing.

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